Vanilla Lavender Patchouli

A warm, sweet and velvety fragrance combining sweet-smelling Vanilla full of rich, buttery overtones with calming French lavender and an earthy, woody Patchouli aroma. For people who enjoy wearing warm, irresistible scents.


Experience the restful comfort of French lavender. Achieve pure warmth and calm, and a taste of inner peace. Equally suitable for both men and women.


A nio creation - the Eden scent is an unique complex combining rejuvenating Green Tea , green herbs, Vanilla, and soothing lavender. Experience the fragrance of paradise with this fresh, original scent, suitable for both men and women.

Milk & Honey

Treat yourself to a luxurious fragrance, a sweet and toasty blend of milk and golden honey. Inspired by the beautiful and holy place Israel, the land of milk & honey. A youthful and fresh fragrance. Gentle enough for both men and women.

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