evolution V serum

The serum has a high concentration of refined nourishing ingredients and vitamins for the skin. It repairs the damage that occurred over the years and slows the aging of the skin in a visible way. The serum also acts as a transport medium for all active ingredients in day and night creams. Therefore, it is important to first apply the serum and only then apply day and night cream.

Ideal for all skin types. The serum is suitable not only for aging skin but also for young men and women in their demand to restore and keep skin in an optimal condition.

The serum is rich in a high concentration of liposomes. These liposomes contain fresh vitamins A, C&E.  Vitamin A: Is a potent antioxidant, making it extremely effective against free-radicals. It is used widely for healing and as an anti-aging ingredient because of its ability to stimulate new cell production. Has been used in the treatment of psoriasis& acne. Vitamin E: A natural cellular renewal (healing) ingredient and antioxidant. Vitamin C: Plays an important role in building collagen, the connective tissue that holds us together.

Evolution V Serum



How to use:

Apply morning and evening after cleansing the face and before applying the cream. Apply to the entire face and neck.


Key ingredients:

√   Liposomes (A, C& E)

√  Natural glycerin

√  Wheat germ oil (Vitamin E)

√  Aloe Vera

√  Dead Sea salts

√  Tea




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