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Lifting Face cream  by nio

Specially formulated for those moments when you want to look instantly fresh, vibrant and more youthful. This unique complex of botanicals light-diffusing ingredients soothes and firms creating a smooth, invisible veil that minimizes the appearance of the lines and imperfections. Smooth evenly over your face and neck, and apply make-up.

Optically minimizes imperfections and lines. Revitalizes and moisturizes the skin.

Carrageenan seaweed; brought from the shores of Ireland are seaweeds highly concentrated with Protein, mineral& Vitamin A and B1. This ingredient commonly referred to as Irish moss, it is made up of many mineral nutrients. It serves as a thickening agent, as well as a skin softener. It can be used to treat inflamed tissues.

Lactic acid, known for its great value in retexturizing the skin surface and stimulating cell renewal. Lactic acid, being an alpha hydroxy acid diminishes the cohesion of surface skin cells and subsequently, prevents the thickening of the stratum corneum. The resulting smoothness and flexibility of the skin's surface is evident soon after application. absorbed more gradually across the epidermis with less irritation. And Dead Sea minerals to help smooth and soften your skin. 

 Ideal for all skin types.

Lifting Face cream  by nio

How to use:

Using fingertips, apply a small amount to freshly cleansed skin, starting at your throat and working your way up to your face.

The formula contains; Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, a protein from wheat which has been turned partly into water through hydrolysis.  It offers conditioning, moisturizing and film forming properties help skin retain its moisture and improve its overall appearance.



Key ingredients: 

√  Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein

√  Chondrus Crispus (Red Seaweed)

√  Lactic Acid

√  Dead Sea minerals



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