nio philosophy

nio is a company headquartered in Israel and based upon science. It has a totally innovative vision, combining the natural raw materials extracted from the Dead Sea with cutting-edge technology.

nio’s range of products is based upon many years of medical and scientific research about the benefits of the Dead Sea minerals for peoples’ skin and welfare.

nio introduces a different philosophy about relaxation and the link between body and mind, boasting a different and unique experience.

 The Dead Sea

 The Dead Sea is located in the Rift Valley and originated from a geological phenomenon that took place 3 million years ago, during a natural earth seism. Many layers rich in minerals were exposed, and saltwater sprang from the earth, creating a valley and a lake 400 meters below the level of the sea, making the Dead Sea the natural place located on the lowest level on Earth. It was due to an ongoing evaporation process during thousands of years that the level of salt and minerals of the lake dramatically increased.


All nio products primarily have in their composition the water, mud and salt from the Dead Sea, rich in minerals that are beneficial to your health and beauty since the ancient times, a gift from the nature. Since that time, millions of people visit this area to relax, enjoy the Dead Sea beauties, and try its therapeutic, rejuvenating and beautifying effects.


Some of the nio products ‑ the bath mineral salts, for example ‑ have high concentration of 21 essential minerals, such as magnesium, calcium, sodium, potassium, zinc, among others, and 12 of these minerals cannot be found in any other sea or ocean, only in the Dead Sea. Some of the properties are known for promoting a relaxing effect, nourishing the skin, activating the circulatory system and easing rheumatic discomfort and metabolic disorders.

 Medical researches and many scientific studies undoubtedly prove the efficiency of these minerals for treating and preventing diseases like psoriasis (Dr. J. Arndt, 1982), acne, eczemas, rheumatism, circulatory inefficiency and tension provoked by stress.

 The brand name

 The name nio originates from the oriental philosophy, and refers to the name given to the guardians that were positioned at the sides of Buddhist temples entrances. In Japan they are called “nio-mon”, which means “nio gate” or “nio entrance”, and repel evil spirits, preventing them from entering the temples. It is also believed that “nio” was the one who followed and protected “Buddha” during his trips throughout India. Nowadays, the nio’s about whom we are talking were replaced by the current guardians of the temples, in a Lion-Dog shape.


The name nio was selected in order to convey the idea of protection to the visitors, customers, community, environment and animals, so as to achieve a Better World. And also because it means “DUO” in Japanese, and the name was associated to the two partner sisters that created the Brand in Israel.



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